A printable version of this application can be downloaded HERE and mailed to: Assn. of North American Independent Laboratories for Protective Equipment Testing C/o Skarshaug Testing Laboratory, Inc. 505 South Bell Avenue Ames, IA 50010 USA


All questions must be answered. If questions are not applicable, answer by “NA”. If the answer is "none", answer by "none" On Yes/No questions, answer by "X' in the appropriate blocks. Where space on this application form is insuffrcient, additional pages keyed to the appropriate question and marked "Supplemental", should be attached to this form.

Please give particular attention to the following sections in filling out the application:

I. Specific Information:
4. Type of Ownership
5. Testing Experience
a) Total number of years in testing field______Years.
b) Years for each product being applied for.
6. The following fee schedule (U.S dollars) shall apply to both member and nonmember laboratories, whether operated as a fixed or mobile laboratory. Mobile test units, operated out of and as part of a fixed laboratory, shall be considered part of the fixed laboratory:

Exception: Accreditation or reaccreditation of a sub-location of an existing corporation (including a corporation whose stock is owned by another corporate entity), partnership, or soleproprietorship, would be on the basis of seventy-five percent (75%) of the applicable fee for the parent laboratory. This exception is providing the inspection visits may be handled in one trip. If the expense of the inspection of the total facilities is in excess of the collected fee, the applicant shall be billed the actual expense but not in excess of the listed fees for separate facilities. The sub-location shall have the same accreditation time period as the parent location (approvalperiods to run concurrently).
7. Do you maintain a master file of relevant test standards?

8. Do you maintain receiving, handling, and shipping controls for products submitted for testing?

9. Test Standards and Test Procedures
The test standards to be used for the products below shall be as follows:
Gloves D120 F496
Sleeves D1051 F496
Blankets D1048 F479
Line Hose D1050 F478
Rubber Insulating Covers D1049 F478
Rubber Insulating Matting D178  
Hot Sticks and Hot Line Tools F711, F1825, F1826  
Insulating Plastic Guards F712  
Insulating Aerial Devices and Liners ANSI - A92.2  
In-Service Live Line Tools IEEE - 978  
Insulating Hard Hats ANSI - Z89.1  
Insulating (Rubber and PVC) Shielding F1742 (PVC) F2320(Rubber)
Insulating Hand Tools F1505  
Portable Grounding Jumpers F2249 F855
Insulated Temporary By-Pass Jumpers F2321  
9. Do you have test procedures based on the above test standards?

10. Do you have appropriate test equipment available?

11. Calibration Program
Do you maintain a system of calibration equipment, standards & procedures

Indicate standards to which your calibration standards are traceable.

12. Affiliation
The laboratory is or is not owned or controlled by a parent company or organization.

If owned or controlled by others, list the names and main office addresses of the parent company or organization and list all other affiliated member companies.
13. Responsible Personnel for Test Reports and Correspondence Name, title, and signature of individuals professionally competent and responsible for quality and accuracy of work and authorized to approve test reports:
14. If the laboratory has previously been evaluated or accredited by other organizations, please name up to three previous accreditations: state whether accreditation has ever been denied or revoked: and what steps have been taken to correct the cause of any denial or revocation.
15. Within the five years preceding this application, has the laboratory been involved in any litigation regarding:
(a) Its procedures?
(b) Its test results?
(c) Its conclusions from test results?
(d) Alleged improper use of test results?
16. (supplemental 16) General Comments: If the laboratory wishes to submit any additional inforrnation relative to its application for accreditation, enter this information here:

II. Supplemental Information:

Mail copies to:
Assn. of North American Independent Laboratories for Protective Equipment Testing
C/o Skarshaug Testing Laboratory, Inc., 505 South Bell Avenue, Ames, IA 50010, USA.

1. Organization Chart: The organization chart must show, as a minimum, names and titles of key personnel and the relationships between administration, operation, and quality control including departmentalization.
[See NAIL Accreditation Criteria I (h) (iv)]

2. Resumes: A resume is required for each of the key personnel named in the organization chart to show that their qualifications satisfy NAIL Accreditation Criteria 10)

3. Test Equipment List: A list is required showing the available appropriate test equipment that will be used for subject or related products testing.

The undersigned certifies that all the statements made in this application, and supplementals thereto, are true to the best of his knowledge and belief, and hereby grants permission for the Association of North American Independent Laboratories for
Protective Equipment Testing to contact any persons relative to statements made herein. If granted accreditation, (Name of Laboratory) agrees to comply with the applicable procedures of the NAIL for PET Laboratory Accreditation Program.

{Authorized Representative of Applicant}
Note: Accreditation approval shall be given or denied by the Board of Directors of NAIL for PET after review of a report submitted by the Accreditation Inspector along with the supporting documentation. If the inspector obtains any proprietary information, it shall remain confidential to the inspector unless released to the NAIL Board of Directors bythe applicant. The applicant will be informed in writing of the action of the Board